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Europäischer Sprachentag

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Der europäische Sprachentag  wurde am 26. September an unserer Schule gefeiert.
Das Thema war: #Sprachen FAIRnetzt  -  My home is our world 


Hier zwei Fragen aus unserem  Interview:

Was glauben sie, wie viele Sprachen werden an unserer Schule gesprochen?
a) 4 Sprachen   b) 13 Sprachen     c) 26 Sprachen                

Antwort b) ist richtig

Was glauben sie, welche Sprache wird an unserer Schule sicher nicht gesprochen?
a) deutsch – steirisch  b) italienisch    c) rumänisch   d) russisch   e) armenisch 
f) thailändisch   g) ungarisch    h) türkisch  i) volapük  j) spanisch  k) die Sprache des Herzens
l) persisch –Farsi  m) englisch  n) bulgarisch
Antwort i) ist richtig

At NMS St. Ruprecht, some students had fun learning about other countries' cultures. Language is vital to culture, and another important part of culture is food. Which foods grow locally in which European countries? What do they taste like? Students were blindfolded and had to describe the foods to their classmates. Were they soft, hard, sweet, salty, crunchy, or gooey? Students also identified some different flags and reviewed the names of the countries in English. We are looking forward to celebrating this day again next year! (Leanne Hill)

My home is our world. Students made posters and announced the European Language day. They visited companies in the village to interview people about the European Language Day. It was fun learning how to make interviews. It was fascinating finding out about the variety of languages spoken in our school and and particularly interesting that there are 13 languages spoken at our school.  Next year some students are going to have workshops - teaching some basics in their mother tongue.  (Hungarian and Spanish and maybe some more)

(Elisabeth Seidler)