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Peter and the wolf

The first-grade students at NMS St. Ruprecht an der Raab were very busy in the month of December, as they took part in a cross-disciplinary project titled "Peter and the Wolf."


The students studied the music "Peter and the Wolf" in music class with Ms. Hill, practiced their parts of the play in English, and then created masks in art class with Ms. Riedl and Ms. Sattler-Beutle. The students had a wonderful time listening to and recognising the motifs of the different characters, and then performing while dressed up in costumes they created themselves. They learned their parts in the play and performed it before the Christmas holidays for their homeroom teachers. Have a look at the video to see some pictures and short video clips showing their work.
The students did an excellent job and have asked a few times when the next theatre project will be. Overall, it was a great success! Thanks, first graders, for your fantastic work!

You can watch the video here.

(Leanne Hill)